MAGIX Fastcut gives you a chance to make recordings that are similarly as energizing as your undertakings.

Different activity layouts make altering accounts from GoPro and different activities cam simpler than at any other time.

Also, they can consequently slice your recording to fit the beat of the music. The programmed picture adjustment includes twisting rectification and unique altering preset enable you to make your own astounding activity films in the blink of an eye with no past experience. You can even naturally alter your recordings to coordinate the beat of the music.

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MAGIX Fastcut

MAGIX Fastcut offers simple to-utilize controls, natural catches and highlights (for example shading wheel) which can be constrained by contact and swipe motions. This product makes video altering and sharing your activity cam accounts simpler than at any other time.

Transform your stunning encounters into energizing video cuts with music. It's that simple! Select chronicles, apply a layout, and Fastcut wraps up.

The most significant highlights of MAGIX Fastcut:

Simple to utilize controls: Start the program and you're prepared to go

Motion picture Wizard for programmed video altering with exceptional activity formats, for example, Surfing and Bike Trip

Film quality impacts: Animated advances and layouts

Fantastic music: Suitable for various video lengths

Intermediary video altering streamlined for GoPro: Smoothly alter 4K and HD activity cam recordings

Programmed picture upgrades, for example, picture adjustment and contortion remedy with extraordinary presets for GoPro

Sound channel for evacuating wind clamor

Intended to work with all standard activity cams

Present recordings anyplace: On TV, cell phones or on the web

Make a hit with your experiences in only 60 seconds. MAGIX Fastcut offers to alter layouts with music that naturally set the ideal stage for your undertakings – and coordinate them to the beat of the music.

Amazingly quick video altering:

Altering layouts. MAGIX Fastcut offers assorted altering layouts in lengths from 30 to 180 seconds which enable you to naturally slice your recording to fit the music. Import activity chronicles. What's more, trade unadulterated adrenaline in a matter of moments.

Fisheye amendment. Bunches of activity cams record in the wide-point group. MAGIX Fastcut lets you effectively right this purported fisheye impact.

Programmed video adjustment. Fast cuts picture adjustment ensures that even temperamental and insecure film runs easily at last. One test less.

Trim video clasps significantly quicker. To enable you to complete things quicker, you can pick between three choices in manual altering mode: "Trim clasp begin", "Cut clasp" and "Trim clasp end". Every choice can be gotten to by means of an alternate route.

Programmed picture streamlining. Outrageous lighting conditions and exceptional hues can be effectively taken care of via naturally upgrading shading, splendor, and differentiation.

Right video arrangement. Record recordings in the craziest points of view – MAGIX Fastcut can pivot your recording to ensure everything is appropriately adjusted. Joining a camera to the base of your skateboard, the side of your off-road bicycle or under your vehicle is no issue by any means.

Intermediary video altering. The intermediary altering highlight creates littler adaptations of your unique 4K and HD video records. This enables you to easily and rapidly alter your recording – and when you're done, you can appreciate everything about high goals.

Enhanced for GoPro: MAGIX Fastcut can perceive and utilize the local intermediary records from your GoPro to enable you to spare significantly additional time!

Expert impacts, moderate movement, and HDR:

Video impacts. Set your experience in dark and white or vintage look, and apply huge amounts of different impacts. Following shots, zooms, reflecting, looks and other noteworthy impacts can be effectively connected to scenes with drag and drop.

Moderate movement. Fastcut can even back things off during significant minutes: Thanks to moderate movement impacts, you can moderate the playback of all your reverse somersaults, 360s, and different moves. Indeed, even very moderate movement film plays easily.

Backdrop illumination remedy. HDR impacts give the correct complexity in the picture piece during video altering. This enables you to draw out the correct components, even in extraordinary chronicles.

Dynamic advances. To make your recordings increasingly unique, you can effectively configuration changes among moderate and quick movement chronicles. MAGIX Fastcut additionally offers a major determination of dynamic changes.

Sound altering and music:

Epic, sensational or essentially fabulous. MAGIX Fastcut offers the correct music for each disposition in your video material. Melodies come in lengths of 30 to 180 seconds and fit superbly with the video altering formats.

The correct volume inevitably. MAGIX Fastcut enables you to effortlessly modify the volume in your recordings in only a couple of snaps. This encourages you to locate the correct video sound blend for your experiences significantly faster. Along these lines everything not just looks incredible, it sounds extraordinary as well.

The decrease in wind commotion. Regardless of whether you go base bouncing, sky plunging or free climbing, wind commotion is unavoidable in most open-air chronicles. MAGIX Fastcut offers different sound channels explicitly for altering and diminishing breeze commotion.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Fastcut Plus Edition Features:

  • Incorporates 9 Plus Soundtracks
  • Soundtrack library with more than 150 tunes
  • Trim and turn accounts
  • The fare in Full HD
  • Picture adjustment
  • Set clasp features
  • Make your own formats
  • Propelled altering capacities