MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is the sound altering instrument for simple digitization, cleaning and rebuilding of sound.

The product offers a scope of chose presets and down to earth 1-click arrangements that are exceptionally intended for this zone of use.

Digitize vinyl LP and tapes, cut sound material, evacuate clamor and different aggravations, streamline the majority of your MP3s on the double, and significantly more with no past abilities!

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Basically, select the class for your tune and the Auto Mastering capacity chooses the ideal sound settings for improving the sound. Contrast and review results and other music styles, for example, jazz, 70s funk, and soul or exemplary 80s pop.

With SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab you can rapidly and effectively digitize your main tunes, voice chronicles and the sky is the limit from there. Modify sound material as you see fit, copy to CD or essentially spare everything to your hard drive, MP3 player or cell phone. Accomplish the ideal outcome in only a couple of steps!


Record sound media Record sound media. A couple of snaps is everything necessary to record singular tunes or whole collections from tapes and records or discourse for web recordings in studio quality (up to 96 kHz/24-bit goals).

Import CDs. Move your collections, singles, and EPs to your PC in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination. Title data and CD fronts are consequently recovered online for unique CDs.

Import for video sound. Import video records much quicker than previously and begins altering the soundtrack immediately. The new calculation makes the entire procedure significantly progressively proficient.


Ghostly Display. The different frequencies of the soundtrack can be imagined. This considers exact expulsion explicit commotions.

Review work. When you select a range in the unearthly showcase, you can see to hear what the range sounds like in the wake of cleaning and contrast it with the first.

Auto Cleaning. This component makes proposals for improving sound dependent on an examination of your sound sign. Any recommended upgrades can be balanced.

Presets. Accommodating presets: Easily evacuate undesirable sounds like commotion or traffic clamor with the assistance of more than 360 presets.

Propelled impacts altering. The program offers direct access with all impact parameters for sound streamlining in sound altering and acing.

Expel popping from LP tracks. Snapping can be rapidly and effectively expelled from vinyl with presets for various quality dimensions.

Cutting decrease. Avoid cutting during chronicle or evacuate it in after creation with the assistance of the limiter and DeClipper to represent shifting dimensions of volume.

Cell phone sound. Access differing presets for streamlining sound chronicles made with your cell phone for upgraded results.

Stop the breeze with the snap of a catch. Dispose of wind clamor quickly at all utilizing proficient modules and presets.

Expel camera clamor. Dispose of clamors from more seasoned camcorder models by utilizing straightforward presets or your own modified changes.

Improve discourse chronicles. Improve the sound of discourse with a couple of snaps and evacuate popping and murmuring "s" sounds in voice chronicles.


New! 8 tracks for the sound montage. Make changes and include sound analysis or audio effects to accounts. The 8 tracks give a lot of room to far-reaching sound altering.

See what you hear. Work on the visual dimension with a spectroscope, top meter, spectrogram, bit meter, connection meter, and bearing meter

Time extending and pitch moving. Access a standout amongst the best calculations on the planet from zplane for altering pitch and speed. … .and get to exact, basically ancient rarity free outcomes.

Range altering. Change to extend mode to choose individual segments inside a track and duplicate or alter them with a solitary snap.

Article impacts. Alter individual segments of a chronicle with various impacts and settings to explicitly evacuate clamors, for example.

Alter sound documents. Investigate the various sound altering highlights, for example, volume modifications, singular altering procedures and working with programmed wizards.

Separation up accounts. The program consequently identifies where one tune closes and the following one starts, so you can choose and skirt the tracks on the completed CD. So können auf einer Audio-CD einzelne Titel angewählt oder übersprungen werden.

Magnificent advances. Blur lines inside the soundtrack empower you to rapidly and effectively alter the volume. This lets you gradually blur in introductions.

Bunch preparing. High proficiency: Optimize or fare various melodies or whole collections in a single step. This gives you a chance to alter your whole music document in one go.

Album covers and track data. Spread and track titles are naturally populated for unique CDs and showed when you play music on cell phones, MP3 players or music the board programs.

Sound converter. Vinyl or CD, MP3 or OGG, WAV or AIFF. You can record in a scope of arrangements, and copy CDs and convert sound documents also.


Impeccable video sound. Upgrade discourse accounts and diminish foundation clamor, wind commotion or sibilants – a wide scope of presets are incorporated for evacuating a wide range of commotion.

See Monitor. The see screen empowers you to deal with two screens all the while, incorporating into 4K. The perfect apparatus for synchronizing picture and sound.

Video Sound Optimizer. Snap on your track and the Video Sound Optimizer will propose the correct impact settings for improving music or discourse in your recording.

Video converter. Convert your video documents with upgraded sound into every standard arrangement. Motion picture configurations, for example, MPEG-4 can without much of a stretch be changed over to WMV.

Media trade. Move your sound or video ventures with only a couple of snaps from SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab to some other video altering programming.

Impacts PLUG-INS

New! iZotope Ozone 8 Elements. This flexible acing suite offers sign preparing, otherworldly forming, and tonal parity control.

New! VST3 interface. Extra modules from MAGIX or outsider suppliers can be effectively incorporated utilizing the VST3 interface.

essentialFX. It is an accumulation of 6 expert impact modules taken legitimately from the field of expert sound.

eFX Reverb. It contains all that you requirement for tweaking reverb impacts expertly – regardless of whether for short reflections or longer reverb.

eFX Gate. This module possibly acts when the set sound sign happens, for instance, clamor brought about by two sources.

eFX Vocal Strip. Advance discourse and vocal chronicles utilizing the blower, DeEsser and highpass channel for a most extreme dimension of value.

eFX Tube Stage. This module recreates the sound of a simple cylinder speaker and is perfect for inventive bending in discourse accounts in book recordings or recordings.

eFX Chorus. Flanger Play around with sounds: Discover different custom settings for the great flanger impact.

eFX DeEsser. This empowers you to make a hotter, increasingly trademark sound by diminishing sibilants and flying in discourse and vocal chronicles.

MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab contains 1-click arrangements and top of the line presets for chronicle, altering, cutting and changing over sound documents. Cut, alter, include impacts, and so forth. Everything is easy to the point that no time is required to learn. Indeed, even top of the line sound altering is conceivable! Alter the data for individual MP3s and complete it consequently. The volume of ambient sounds you can decrease for spoken chronicles – perfect for digital broadcasts.