Thor Premium HOME is the basic, most developed cybersecurity arrangement from Heimdal Security. It is the extraordinary risk aversion and cutting edge antivirus in a total and across the board security suite.

Thor Premium Home depends on AI meets an incredible Antivirus with 100% discovery, so your online security is impeccable.

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This lightweight, bother free arrangement joins the procedures known by both customary and cutting edge antivirus motors. That gives unparalleled insurance against online dangers.

Thor Premium HOME will stop ransomware, information spillage, infections, APTs, misuses and other progressed online dangers to your advanced life.

Likewise, this multi-layered security suite is described by the simple establishment and smooth task.

Thor Vigilance Home – Next Generation Antivirus.

Thor Foresight Home – Advanced web traffic checking that squares ransomware and malware at the source.

Premium Home – Complete Security for your PC. Incorporates all functionalities from Vigilance and Foresight.

The product anticipates obscure dangers and stops the known assaults. Peruse online without the dread of ransomware, crypto jacking and other malware strains, associate gadgets without stressing they're undermined.

Heimdal Thor Premium Home Features:


Neighborhood Signature/File based filtering

Constant Cloud Scanning

Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection

Clean and Quarantine neighborhood contaminated documents

Basic extra to any Antivirus

Improves any Firewall

Remarkable Traffic-based Malware identification

Squares Malware before it comes to yor PC

Multi-layered, AI Powered Protection

Verifies your Web-Browsing

Verifies your Online banking and Payments

Phishing Protection

Naturally Updates your Applications

Verifies 3 PCs (up to 10)

DarkLayer Guard hinders all approaching and active correspondences to pernicious servers, counteracting APTs and different dangers. Recognizes dangers at the DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers, before they achieve your gadget, and averts information spillage and bargain.

Through VectorN Detection, shrouded malware in your framework will be quickly distinguished and hindered before it can bargain your information.

X-Ploit Resilience consequently and quietly refreshes the database. Along these lines, you take out vulnerabilities before they misuse and taint your PC with malware.